Blackpink at the backstage of their performance Blackpink at the backstage of their performance

3 most extravagant rules K-pop idols have to follow

As glamorous as it looks, surviving in the K-pop industry is not easy. All groups such as BTS, Blackpink, Twice, EXO etc. have to follow some extremely hard rules. For instance, idols are not allowed to be friends with people of the opposite gender, even if they are their colleagues or relatives. Scroll down to find other rules idols have to follow!

  • The genre of K-pop started in 1992 when Seo Taiji debuted as a K-pop idol.
  • Some idols cannot even meet their families without the permission of their managers.
  • The idols have to follow all the rules of management companies right from their trainee period.
BTS are amongst the K-Pop groups with most 'freedom' thanks to their success

1) Dating is not allowed

K-pop idols are not allowed to date. If found out that an idol is dating, he/she is given a very strict warning. Some companies even fire the idols at this. So they have to chose between their partners or career.

For established K-pop stars, the option of leaving the company is not given, and they have to break up at all costs. Isn't that unjust?

2) Talking to people of the opposite gender is not allowed

The Korean idols must greet their colleagues of the opposite gender politely, but they cannot talk to them. Some companies make sure that different girl and boy groups do not interact with each other.

For this, they arrange their schedules in such a way that they are not at the same place together. It's too much!

Also, the female idols cannot even talk to their male relatives. The same goes for the boy groups who cannot talk to their female relatives. 

Their phones are constantly checked by the company. And if the company finds out any chat or call log, the idols might lose their job or are suspended for a short period. Oh, it sounds so difficult to be a K-pop idol!

3) Dressing like you want is not allowed

Companies do not allow the idols to cut and dye their hair or change their style in any way. Some labels even decide the outfits idols have to wear at different occasions. It's so restrictive!

Which rule do you find the most difficult to follow? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the strict rules female K-pop idols have to follow!

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