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3 life facts that reflects Jin's zodiac sign

Does Jin from the boy group BTS really behave like his zodiac sign? Korean fans believe in the power of astrology and blood groups religiously. Which 3 qualities of being a Sagittarius apply to 'the worldwide handsome star'? Read below to find out!

  • Jin was born on December 4th, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea. 
  • According to the Chinese Zodiac, he was born in the ‘Year of the Monkey’.
  • In astrology, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. They are known to be hard-working individuals, just like him!

1.  A great sense of humor

Jin from BTS

 ‘How does NASA organize a party? They planet!’ the star joked in an episode of BTS’ Run. 

According to the group, his dad jokes make their stomachs hurt from laughing! Click here to read his best jokes. It is very important for Sagittariuses to have a good sense of humor. They are known as witty and sarcastic individuals. Isn’t he the funniest member of the band? 

2. Amazing problem solvers

Taehyung and Jin for GQ Japan

During ‘Burn The Stage’ series in 2018, Jin and Taehyung got into a quarrel regarding their choreography. Due to poor coordination, the two kept bumping into each other! Seeing how upset his friend was, the star apologized and agreed to work on his timing. You can watch the full episode here!

The matter was settled quickly as the singer used his amazing problem-solving skills to reach an agreement.  Even though conflicts are common among group members, the singer handled it like a true Sagittarius. Don’t you agree?

3. They are super honest!

Jin for Elle Korea

An admirable quality about this zodiac sign is that they do not sugar-coat tough situations. The star has always shown an honest reaction to every situation. He even had the guts to highlight that his dancing needs improvement. 

You don’t see many idols pointing out their own weaknesses. However, Jin believes that one can only improve if they are ready to accept their flaws. I think that’s great advice. Do you think the same?


Jin in a concert

In my opinion, Jin behaves like a typical Sagittarius. All the key traits of the sign match parts of his personality. No wonder so many people believe in astrological concepts. They can provide great insight. Do you behave like your zodiac sign? Comment below!

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