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3 jobs Jisoo had before being a Blackpink member!

Have you ever seen a celebrity and asked yourself if you saw him/her before? This happened to us with Jisoo, so we went and tried to figure it out what she was doing before Blackpink! Read below to see where Jisoo shined before becoming one of the most public faces in the world!

  •  Kim Jisoo was born in 1995 in Gunpo-si, South Korea.
  •  She debuted in a group called Blackpink in 2016 from the label YG Entertainment. 
  •  Her name is on BoF Business of Fashion's Top 500 list. She has a net worth of $9 million. 

1. Samsonite's advertisement with Actor Lee Minho

Jisoo with Lee Minho

Everyone knows who Lee Minho is! If you don't, I believe you live under a rock! He is one of the most famous Korean actors. Jisoo had the chance to do an advertisement with him for Samsonite. I think this is a huge achievement. Don't they look good side by side?

2. Cameo in the TV show called 'The Producers'

Jisoo's cameo in The Producers

Jisoo's reason for joining YG Entertainment was to step into the acting industry. As a stepping stone, the multitalented girl made a cameo in a show called 'The Producers' which had company senior 2NE1 Dara in it too! Most trainees would do anything to be this lucky!

3. Actress in the Epik High Spoiler Music Video

Jisoo in a photoshoot

Epik High is one of the most well-known groups in the K-pop industry. They are under YG Entertainment too! Before her debut, Jisoo was the actress in their song called 'Spoiler'. Her acting is wonderful! Listen to the song here.


Jisoo backstage at a photoshoot

My introduction to Jisoo was through Blackpink's music videos but if you have been a consumer of the Korean media, her face may have seemed familiar to you. Do any of these projects click a memory in your head? Comment below!

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