3 items we wish we could steal from V's closet!

BTS members are famous for their styles. Each member stands out in their way. Taehyung, known by his stage name as V, has a unique style in the group. He likes to keep things classic yet never fails to experiment with new designs and styles. Find out below some of V's items that we wish we could steal!

  • Kim Taehyung, aka V, is known for his boxy smile.
  • 5'10" tall member has the most popular pet in the group.
  • The 24 years old member was the last of the group to be revealed to the public.
V for BE Concept Photo

V has worn some iconic pieces on the screen that has caught the Army's eyes multiple times. He usually likes to dress up like he is from the 90s fashion magazine. Honestly, he looks incredible in his style. Here are three things V has worn from time to time that we wish we could steal.

These are also some of the pieces that he wears often. 

1. Cartier Watch

In the first place stands probably his favorite watch. He has never stopped wearing it. No one would after paying that much for a watch. V has often channeled this Cartier watch. Tank Louis Cartier values at $9800! Something a world star would wrap around his wrist. Isn't it?

This watch has a brown leather strap with a gold rim dial. The dial has roman numbers imprinted. It is a timeless piece that V has been wearing for years now. Don't you wish to have something like this on your wrist? 

2. Fendi shoes

In the second place, we have a recent addition to V's closet. He wore these shoes during the YouTube Graduation performance for the first time, and we've been eyeing them since. He wore these again when BTS visited I-Land to introduce a challenge. These are Fendi Slingback, worth $950.

They come in a beautiful red-brown color and with a gold buckle on the adjustable straps. It has a unique shape that we think resonates with V's unique style. These shoes are for all genders. All the pieces mentioned here are gender-neutral.

3. Burberry set

In the third place, we have his much loved Burberry suit. It's called the Vintage Nova check trousers and Vintage Nova Check shirt. The two cost $430. V has paired these during many rehearsals and also in the special anniversary episode for BTS 7th anniversary.

It looks like a comfortable suit that one can wear in many ways. Taehyung usually wears baggy and comfortable clothes. So, this certainly feels like his style.  Don't you wish to be as comfortable as him? All the items mentioned here are timeless and unique like our V.

What other pieces do fans wish they could own from V's closet?  Check out his song Winter Bear below to feel his style through his music and direction.  


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