Kim Ye-rim

3 interesting facts about Red Velvet's Yeji

The all female group has 4 different and incredible personalities that work amazingly with each other.  What makes Yeji so special? The 22-year-old singer is a trend setter herself and has many secrets that we will love to share with you! Scroll down to find out more!   

  • Kim Ye-rim is a 22-year-old South Korean singer and actress. 
  • Though the band was formed in 2014 under SM Entertainmenthowever, Yeri joined later in March 2015.
  • Her debut was with the song Ice Cream Cake.

1. She has a unique footwear style

Yeri's shoes wearing style

Yeri loves to wear shoes in her own way. Unlike other people, the singer does not like fitting her foot completely in. They have to be partially out. Who knows when you have to run? Maybe for Yeri running without shoes is a better idea!

2. She doesn't listen to music before sleeping

Well, in this situation, Yeri’s words are so relatable to me and maybe for you too. The 22-year-old doesn’t like listening to music before sleeping. According to Kim, it makes it harder for her to sleep.That dopamine dose really won’t help you sleep!

3. She loves winter

Yeri wearing a long hooded jacket

When asked about her favorite season, Yeri did not take a minute to admit that she loves winter. It is her favorite season, primarily because she gets to celebrate Christmas! In an interview with W Korea, she said,

I'll choose winter. As a person who loves Christmas, I think about Christmas the entire December. I wish December would come sooner.

Yeri has a very interesting personality, different from many others. Is there anything you know that you find intriguing about her? Let us know in the comments below!

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