3 interesting facts about Blackpink Lisa's childhood 3 interesting facts about Blackpink Lisa's childhood

3 interesting facts about Lisa Manoban's childhood

From growing up with a celebrity dad to being best friends from Ten and 'BamBam' from 'NCT' and 'Got7', 'Lalalisa's' childhood was a rollercoaster. Check out these 3 incredible facts in the video below!

  • Lisa was born on March 27th, 1999, in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • She has loved dancing ever since a young age and was a part of a Thai dance group called ‘Wee Zaa Cool’  before joining ‘YG Entertainment’. 
  • Her childhood best friends are 'Ten' from 'NCT' and 'BamBam' from 'Got7'. 

1. She is the queen of her family

Lisa at a fansign

On July 6th, 2017, Lisa opened up about how she is an only child on the ‘SBS Cultwo Show’. Growing up, she was very close with her mom. The star spent most of her time practicing dance as she was a part of a Thai performance group called ‘Wee Zaa Cool’.

Wow, isn't her passion admirable?

2. Her best friends are Ten and BamBam

A picture of Lisa and BamBam as kids

In her hometown Bangkok, Lisa grew up with 2 best friends who are now stars in big K-Pop groups. One of them is in ‘NCT’ named ‘Ten’ and the other friend is ‘BamBam’ from ‘Got7’. Wow, it’s so cool that their Thai friend group is part of the biggest Korean music groups! 

They frequently show support for each other by sending gifts. How sweet is that?

3. She has a step-father 

Lisa with her step-father Marco

Lisa’s mother revealed that shortly after Lisa was born her real father left. She re-married and the dancer grew up with a loving step-father named ‘Marco Brüschweiler’. He is a chef by profession and cooks for luxurious hotels in Bangkok.

Click here to watch a cute video of the father-daughter duo together!


Lisa at the airport

Everyone loves Blackpink’s songs, they should know about the members too. Lisa is one of the biggest Thai celebrities in the world. She is an amazing dancer and is fluent in four languages. What other facts did you know about her? Comment below!


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