Jimin performing live on Dynamite!

3 hilarious nicknames of BTS member Park Jimin!

BTS fans have the talent of coming up with great names for their idols. Jimin's versatile personality has earned him several nicknames over the years. Our all time favorite is Mochi, what about you? Scroll down to find out names of him that were unknown to you!  

  • Park's popularity among fans has helped him earn a net worth of $20 million.
  • Being the shortest member of BTS, he is often teased because of his cute height by the other members. 
  • Fans like to call him 'Chim Chim' when he's performing live.

1) Mang-gae-ddeok

Jimin enjoying food in this cold weather!

Rice cakes are a running theme when we're talking about Jimin. It is a delicious Korean snack and Chim Chim's favorite. The name suits him well because of his sweet, childish attitude. 

Would you pass on a tempting Mang-gae-ddeok like him? I know I wouldn't!

2) Jung-kook-mam

Jimin and Jungkook goofing around on stage!

Mochi's iconic bond with his bandmate melts our hearts. This name means 'Jungkook's heart', and we couldn't agree more. The 'Jikook' shippers often shout this name whenever they're performing live together.  

We all need a friend like Jimin to experience the fun parts of life!

3) Jiminie

Jimin's smile is adorable!

It's just a cute way of saying 'Jimin'. The BTS members usually call him by this name. Even Chim Chim's dear bandmate, Taehyung jokingly called him 'Ji-min-i-pa-bo', which means 'Jimin is an idiot'

This shows how great the bond is between the seven boys of BTS!

Jimin is the charmer of the group. His presence creates such a positive vibe. James Corden calls him 'baby Mochi' and we think it's adorable
With time running so fast, who knows what more sweet nicknames the fans have prepared for sweet Jiminie.

Check out this cute video of Jimin below!

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