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3 female empowerment K-Pop songs!

We are living in a new era, and these K-Pop songs reflect it. Check out our list of the best K-Pop songs, that empower women and feminism! 

  • Miss A released their song, 'I don't need a man' for their album Independent Women Part III in 2012. While it came out 9 years ago, it is still loved by many and has 50 million views on YouTube.
  • BoA released her album 'Woman' in 2018. The album has a single with the same name and shows us exactly why BoA has earned the title 'Queen of K-Pop'.
  • Mamamoo released 'Hip' in 2019. The song peaked at No.1 on the Billboard charts!
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1) 'I don't need a man' by Miss A

 The title of this song speaks for itself. The music video starts off with one of the members, Min, stating 'This is for all the independent ladies, let's go'. From the start, we know what kind of message it will send. It has lyrics such as 'I can live well without a man so if you are not confident, don't come to me' and 'I pay my rent with my own money, I buy my own food, I buy my own clothes, It may not be enough but I know how to be satisfied'. It is a great female empowerment anthem. 'I don't need a man' is straightforward and emphasizes how women can do well by themselves. While the group disbanded in 2017, their songs will always be celebrated! Check out their music video here. 

2) Hip by Mamamoo

One can not talk about female empowerment in K-pop without mentioning Mamamoo. Mamamoo has taken the K-pop world by storm by showing that you can still be successful without following societal norms/expectations. Their song 'Hip' addresses those who have given them hate for how they act and what they look like. They point out this negative attention with the lyrics 'it becomes a controversy my fashion, I don't care much just action' and 'Keep on click me, click me like you're possessed'. However, Mamamoo rises above the controversy and remains successful. They emphasize this in 'Hip' with their line 'Now, everything is easy, veteran, I cut up and eat success like Michelin'. Check out their music video here. 

3) Woman by BoA

Many people regard BoA as the 'Queen of K-Pop'. She is one of the most influential Korean entertainers and is known for helping lead the Hallyu Wave in which Korean entertainment and culture became popular around the globe! She has achieved massive success not only in Korea but Japan as well! In her song 'Woman', she sings 'No comparing I shine just as I am, I'm beautiful enough to be a woman'. In society, it is quite common for women to be compared and judged. BoA show shows us with 'Woman' that you can shine by being yourself, that you do not need to compare yourself to others. Check out their music video here.                                                                                                                                                                                      

'I don't need a man', 'Hip', and 'Woman' are great female empowerment songs. What empowering K-Pop song is your anthem? Let us know in the comments below!

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