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3 female K-Pop idols that look amazing with short hair!

K-Pop idols gain attention for their colorful and trendy hairstyles. Female celebrities like Lisa and Jeongyeon are known for proving that short hair also can be beautiful. Fans all over the world are in love with how gorgeous these girls are. Watch the pictures of these beautiful divas below!

  • Lisa is known for her thick and beautiful blonde bangs. 
  • Yeri debuted under ‘SM Entertainment’ in the K-Pop girl group ‘Red Velvet’.
  • Since her debut in 2015, Jeongyeon is known for charming fans with her stunning short hair. 

1. Lisa from Blackpink

Lisa at a fashion event

Lisa debuted in August 2016 with ‘Boombayah’ and made the trend of short hair viral in the K-Pop world! The main dancer’s blonde hair with bangs is her signature look. Doesn’t she look as pretty as a barbie doll? Fans can’t get enough of this styling!

2. Yeri from Red Velvet

Yeri for Peek A Boo teasers

In 2017, Yeri cut her hair to shoulder-length for Red Velvet’s music video ‘Peek A Boo’. The singer looked beautiful in all her performances. Her iconic short hair look is still widely loved by her fans. Click here to see her performance! Isn’t she the cutest? 

3. Jeongyeon from TWICE

Jeongyeon at a music show

Jeongyeon’s female fans really love her tomboyish short hair look! The singer has been rocking the pixie cut ever since her debut ‘Like Ooh Aah’. In contrast with other members of the girl group ‘TWICE’, she’s not a girly girl!

Do you think this hair suits her?


Yeeun from CLC performing

There are many pretty ladies rocking the short hair look in K-Pop such as Apink’s Chorong and CLC’s Yeeun, but these 3 stars really left a mark! My personal favorite isRed Velvet’s Yeri. What is yours? Comment below!

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