3 facts about ITZY's Ryujin no one has ever told you about

ITZY’s singer has an interesting story of how she was found by JYP Entertainment. From that moment on, this K-Pop idol's life has been a fairy tale. Find out more, below!  

  • Ryujin is a rapper, dancer, and singer of the female band ITZY formed by JYP Entertainment in 2019. 
  • She is one of the richest K-Pop rappers, with an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars. 
  • After being a trainee for 4 years, she made her first debut in February 2019 as a member of ITZY. 
Ryujin poses in public

1. Humble beginnings

Ryujin explained in an interview on SBS Power FM's Lee Joon Young Street that she was in a GOT7 fan meeting when a scout from JYP approached her for her contact number. The rapper says that she somewhat freaked out at the scout's act, but he was so adorable that Ryujin couldn’t deny his request.

2. Golden eye to seize opportunities

In December 2017, the CEO of YG Entertainment, one of the biggest music agencies of Korea, Yang Hyun Suk, expressed that he wanted to somehow steal Ryujin from JYP and train her as a YG idol. But it was too late since she had already started training with JYP. The desire to take her was due to her charm that the singer always manages to show effortlessly. Yang said that,

You are 100% skilled at taking advantage of the opportunity that comes your way.”

3. Relationship with BTS

Ryujin and Jimin from BTS

Before becoming famous, Ryujin got featured in one of BTS’s reel videos alongside Jimin and J-Hope in 2017 while she was still training. She also got a chance to share the screen with Stray Kids members on their survival show and was a contestant of the reality show MIX NINE.
The incredible artist has had an eventful life and career. Let us know what do you love about Ryunjin and the reason you Stan her?

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