J-Hope's concept photo for Butter 2021 J-Hope's concept photo for Butter 2021

3 cute habits of J-Hope nobody is aware of!

J-Hope has a bright and sunny personality that all fans adore.The 5'10" tall idol from BTS has a lot of mysterious habits which he tries to hide. But sometimes, he ends up showing snippets of them on-screen. From his sleeping to his eating habits, we are going to reveal you his top three hidden yet cute habits. Scroll down to check them out!

  • J-Hope’s nickname is ‘Hobi’.
  • The 'Permission to Dance' singer has a net worth of $20 million.
  • He has adorable dimples that compliment his sweet smile.

1) Caressing himself while sleeping

J-Hope's Concept Photo for Butter

Everyone has strange sleeping habits, and so does J-Hope. He unconsciously touches himself, especially his arms, when he’s asleep. When he was young, his parents would always gently caress him as he was falling asleep. That’s why he has this habit. V and Jimin used to be his roommates, so they’ve personally witnessed this. And they never let go of a chance to joke around by imitating J-Hope! 

2) Saying ‘Uh.’

J-Hope in the Permission to Dance music video

J-Hope says Uh.’ a lot, and he has different styles of saying it. It’s either ‘Uh…’ when he’s thinking or 'UH!' when he is surprised. In episode 65 of ‘Run BTS!’, the members had to secretly choose the words that other members said often. If the members said the forbidden words, they were sprayed with water. To win, they had to figure out and avoid the forbidden words. The other members decided that the words J-Hope often said were ‘Uh…’ and ‘Hahaha’. It took him a long time to figure out his forbidden words, and the rapper kept getting sprayed whenever he would try to think, because he always accidentally said ‘Uh…’.

3) Eating fast

J-Hope posing for the 'Hotter' remix of Butter

In May 2021, BBC interviewed BTS. The band was asked many questions sent by fans. One of these was:

“What are some funny habits that you’ve picked up from the other members?”

This was when J-Hope revealed his newest habit, inspired by the other BTS members: eating too fast. Jimin then explained why eating fast was so important. It's because BTS loves food, so if a member doesn’t eat fast enough, there won’t be any food left for him!

Which of these habits do you think is the most adorable? Let us know in the comments below! And do check out this video before you go:

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