Jungkook posing for a selfie Jungkook posing for a selfie

3 amazing talents Jungkook got from his father

The 23-year-old idol from BTS is a man of several talents. Singing, dancing, painting, the K-singer has a long list of skills. One must wonder that where he got them from? The answer is, his father! Just like him, his dad has a number of talents such as bowling and singing and Jungkook has inherited all of them. Scroll down to check out the gifted skills your favorite idol has gotten from his father! 

  • Jungkook's father is 49 years old and is a literature teacher by profession.
  • The Euphoria singer has gotten his good looks from his father.
  • His parents always taught him honesty as they consider it an important moral characteristic.

1. Painting/Drawing skills:

Jungkook's landscape painting
Jungkook's portrait painting

Over the years, Jungkook has shown his exceptional artistic skills. Whether it's freehand painting or landscape art, he nails it every time!

Jungkook and his brother

His older brother, Jeon Jung Hyun is also an amazing artist.

BTS' fan art by Jungkook's brother 
BTS' fan art by Jungkook's brother 

In the initial years of BTS, he used to draw comical sketches of the members and had an art Instagram account by the name of 'jeon576', but he later deactivated it. Jungkook once revealed that he learned drawing from his brother.

Baby Jungkook and his brother with their father

However, this artistic sense came to them from their father.

Jungkook's sketch by his dad

The drawing skills of Jungkook's father are on the next level. He once drew a pencil sketch of Jungkook which the K-singer shared and fanboyed over it! Well, why shouldn't he?

2. Playing pranks:

Jungkook smiling brightly

Nobody is unaware of Jungkook's playful side. Till now, he has pranked his members so many times. He once jokingly put a chocolate ball in Jin's ramen and all the members burst into waves of laughter upon finding out. But this is not what Jungkook has started doing all of a sudden. It is in fact a talent he took from his father.

Jungkook posing for the camera

He once shared that his father used to dress up like Santa Claus every Christmas and sneak into his room to place the gifts. At that time, the little Jungkook used to keep his eyes closed as he was nervous to see him, but he remembers 'Santa’s beard brushing against his face'. 

Jungkook from the sets of 'Euphoria'

At this, Suga asked him if his father used to play pranks as well and Jungkook replied with a big yes! So, now do you understood where he got his mischievous side from? *chuckles*.

3. Sports:

Jungkook in Winter season

Jungkook is a beast in sports! He loves bowling, racing and on top of it, is a gym freak. Not only this, he is great at them too. He has beaten a number of idols at ISAC, Korean Idols Athletics Champions, including the famous idol from Teen Top, C.A.P.

Jungkook in white

However, this athletic ability is not just God-gifted, but Jungkook inherited it from his father. He once revealed that his father scored a perfect 300 in bowling that proves how talented his dad is at sports!

Jungkook sending hearts to his fans

Well, so we finally understand how the Dynamite singer has excelled at everything and earned the title of Golden Maknae. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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