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3 accomplishments that show why 2020 is Jisoo's year

We all have achieved a lot of things in lockdown. With the world feeling like it has come to a stop, surely there are hobbies you have adopted? Jisoo has made some great achievements this year too! Read more below to see all that the superstar has accomplished.   

  • Jisoo was born in 1995. She is the eldest member of Blackpink.
  • Blackpink debuted as a group of 4 girls under YG Entertainment in 2016. 
  •  The singer has a net worth of $9 million and endorses brands such as Dior and Cartier. 
  •  Lately, she loves playing PUBG on her computer.

1. She finally got to write a song

Jisoo backstage at a photoshoot

Before becoming a singer, Jisoo wanted to be a writer. Though she did not go down that road, she got to experience and learn the art of songwriting. I believe it is very important for a musician to know how to do so. Jisoo wrote the lyrics of 'Lovesick Girls' that was released in 2020. Cool, right? Read more about her songwriting journey here!

2. Pranked fans with a Dalgona Coffee challenge

Jisoo wearing Crocs

No matter how famous, celebrities are humans that love doing viral challenges too! Jisoo took to social media to ask her fans to try out the Dalgona Coffee challenge that went viral. So many people, including me, have tried out this cool coffee. Did you?
More on Jisoo's prank revealed in this article!

3. Secured the lead role in a K-drama!

Jisoo on the set of How You Like That

While haters of Jisoo had a lot to say, she proved all of them wrong by taking over one of the toughest lead roles. The drama is called 'Snowdrop' and is said to air in May 2021. Are you excited? I sure am and I know Jisoo will do amazing!

Read on the article where she shut down nepotism claims here!


Jisoo on the set of Ice Cream

From music, fashion, and the acting industry, Jisoo has surely made her mark everywhere! I am incredibly proud of her. Blackpink have also announced their first online concert. What project do you want Jisoo to have next? Comment below!


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