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3 K-pop celebrities who can speak English fluently

With the increasing popularity of K-Pop in America, it’s becoming necessary that the boys and girls have enough communication skills to get their message through their international fandom. But, most of the K-Pop celebrities are more comfortable with their native language rather than a different one. Luckily every band has a fellow member who knows how to communicate with their foreign audience, and below are three most famous Korean celebrities who can speak in English!  

  • K-Pop has been gaining major attention all around the world and America in specific as many Korean singers come forward to collaborate with the US singers.
  • BTS has been the most famous band so far, but they have hardly sung any songs in English.
  • The only thing that bothers some people about the singers is that they cannot communicate with the band members so well due to the language barrier. Fortunately, at least one of every band members is familiar with English. Scroll down to find out the names of those who are fluent in the language.

1) RM from BTS is the best English speaker


Despite the fact that the band has the majority of the songs in their native language, they have a massive fan following all over the world. They say ‘Music is a language itself’ and that’s pretty much true for the ARMY. But sometimes you feel the urge to connect with your favorite celebrities on a deeper level rather than just having a shallow singer-listener relationship.

Kim Nam Joon, widely known by his stage name RM is the most fluent in English all thanks to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yes, we have a mega-drama follower from our favorite band. RM says watching Friends really helped him learn English. Other than that he has been a resident of New Zealand for about 4 months which further aided his communication skills.

2) The Blackpink members are all fluent in English


Unlike BTS members, the next most popular band that consists of 4 girls named Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, are all fluent in English except Jisoo. She only finds it difficult to speak a different language, but she fully understands it. The group has also recorded songs in American native language. They have collaborated with big names like Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga which makes them a pro at what they do and how they speak.

3) I.M from Monsta X is a pro in English

I.M aces many milestones because of his fluency in English

The youngest member of the boy band has no difficulty interacting with his international fans. Although, most of the other band members speak English just as good as Im Chang Kyun A.K.A I.M however the rapper has been above all.


Whatever we say, thanks to the modern digital translators nowadays that have made communication easy. Even if you cannot understand what a person is saying, YouTube subtitles are to the rescue! And we wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts of these singers who go out of the way to learn English for their fans.

Watch some other K-pop celebrities who know how to speak a different language!

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