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3 Interesting facts about the K-pop band Shinee

After their debut 12 years ago, SHINee has been making hits and stealing hearts all over! The currently 4-member band have been dubbed the 'Princes of K-pop' since they started their journey. We've dug up some of the weirdest and most interesting facts about them, read below to find out!

  • SHINee is a 4- formerly 5-member band formed by SM Entertainment. They debuted in 2008.
  • It consists of members Minho, Taemin, Key, Jonghyun (late), and the leader, Onew.
  • The members have a combined net worth of over $38 million!

Known for their timeless music, the Ring Ding Dong singers have many sides to them that might be hidden from the public eye. Luckily for you, we've listed down 3 interesting facts about SHINee most fans might not know!

1. Weird Sleeping Habits

Have you ever heard of someone sleeping with their eyes open? I hadn’t either until it was said in an interview that Jonghyun used to sleep with his eyes open! Imagine waking up next to someone who’s looking straight at you while sleeping...creepy!


2. Bebe Rexha and SHINee

Shinee 1 of 1 concept photo. Source: SMTown

The iconic song Lucifer by the band is actually written by, yes, Bebe Rexha! She wrote and sold the song to SM Entertainment before its release in 2010. Bebe posted a comparison of the two on Twitter. Take a look!

3. Taemin And His Love For Horror

Taemin at the Seoul Fashion Week, 2019. Source: RealStory

The youngest member Taemin is known for his nonchalant attitude towards everything, including horror movies.

Although recently he stated horror movies have started scaring him, he’s always been a big fan of them and is more likely to be scared of a bug than of a ghost.

Watch the video of a failed prank to scare him below:

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