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2PM's Chansung is now the father of a cute baby girl, his wife just gave birth

2PM's Chansung and his wife are happy to announce the birth of the first baby. The just married couple is welcoming a baby girl.

Is not easy for K-Pop Idols to build a family. There is a big stigma about relationships in this industry. However, things are already changing gradually.  Artists of the second generation are facing this situation more freely.

During the last few years, we have seen many Idols getting married and receiving their children. Meanwhile, the fandoms are not asking them to leave their groups. The fans are now supporting their personal life decisions.

Chansung of 2PM / Twitter @Spain_Kpop_

The 2PM fanatics are celebrating that Chansung got married not that long. They were whising just the best for the happy couple. Well, HOTTEST has a new reason to congratulate them. They are parents now!

2PM's Chansung announce the birth of his baby girl

On July 26th Chansung's label, L'July Entertainment announced that the wife of the Idol gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She is the first child of the just-married couple.

Last year, the member of 2PM revealed his plans for marriage. After many years of relationship, they decided to get married. Almost at the same time, the singer revealed that they were expecting their first baby.

Chansung at  the Hansan premiere / Twitter @OnMyWay2SeeU

The artist is also a loyal friend, the same he became a dad, Chansung attend the "Hansan" VIP premiere to support his teammate Taecyeon. Their friendship is really strong. 

Meanwhile, HOTTEST is really happy with the news. The fans are congratulating the family. At the same time, they are wishing to see the rest of the members reacting to the new member of the family.

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