2NE1 at Coachella 2NE1 at Coachella

2NE1 reunion rocked the stage at 2022 Coachella

The members of 2NE1 made an unexpected reunion. They took the Coachella stage and the internet is getting crazy.

2NE1 is a legendary K-Pop girl group. The members of this group were pioneers of the concept "girl crush" in the Korean industry. Is thanks to 2NE1 that today we can enjoy a lot of K-Pop groups with similar approaches. 

After some hard times the agrupation took the decision to disband 2NE1 in 2016. However, the popularity and power of the group has never gone.

The fanatics from all over the world keep asking for a reunion, the members have said it could happen but there is not a concrete plan. Their last performance together was in 2015 at the MAMAs. The girls did an unexpected appearance with some of their greatest songs.

Now, it seems we're living a deja vu, 2NE1 did it again, this time in Coachella.

2NE1 at Coachella / By @the2ne1hour

2NE1 surprises the public at Coachella

On April 16 CL performed for the festival Coachella with some of her latest songs like "Spicy" and "Chuck". The she continue with the iconic hit "Hello B*tches'' and the crown was getting crazy.

CL at Coachella / By @alphachaelin

Eventually the euphoria increased when from the smoke appeared four familiar silhouettes. Minzi, Park Bom, Sandara and the leader CL were ready to present "I AM THE BEST". 

2NE1 members at Coachella / By @robertokike25

The members showed the original choreography and the audience loved it. We even saw Dara with a hairstyle similar to those she used to wear for the golden days of 2NE1.

Dara at Coachella / By @PabloFoxxx

Almost immediately the internet went crazy with the videos and pictures of the members. Could this be a good sign of a 2NE1 comeback? We're waiting for it!

What do you think? BLACKJACK, are you still alive?

Check here more about the friendship of 2NE1 members.

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