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2 qualities that make Jungkook the shyest member of BTS

The handsome K-pop idol, Jungkook, is the lead vocalist for the South Korean boy band, BTS. Being the maknae, he is highly adored by the Army and even the members. His cute bunny smile is enough to make our hearts warm. But he has an introvert personality due to which the 5'10" tall K-artist feels shy and nervous. Recently, he shared some insights into this side of his personality. So scroll down to find out what Jungkook told about him!  

  • Jungkook's zodiac sign is Virgo as his birthday comes on 1st September.
  • At the age of 23, the K-star has an estimated net worth of $20 million.
  • The golden maknae has an older brother who is currently in a military school.
  • Jungkook is referred to as 97-liner as he was born in 1997 in Busan, South Korea.

1) Jungkook's introvert personality

Jungkook ending all models career

Giving an interview to the Weverse Magazine, Jungkook opened up about his shyness. His angelic voice, striking visuals and powerful dance moves makes him an amazing performer. But like all of us, he feels nervous too.

Jungkook posing for the camera

He talked about how sometimes he gets intimated in front of a small group of people but can rock the stage in front of thousands of the Army.

'And even though I’m not nervous at all when I sing in front of tens of thousands of people, if I have to sing or talk in front of a small group, I get super nervous. I never feel that way on stage, but maybe I have a hard time doing things that are a bit awkward for me.' -Jungkook

But Army, look how he never lets this nervousness come in his path.

BTS Jungkook

Jungkook highlighted how he tries to sort things out on his own. And it's really important for him to not let his self-esteem get low.
'Oh, I can’t do this,” then I really end up not being able to do it. Even, when I could have done well.' -Jungkook

Well whoever has self-esteem issues, they need to learn from Jungkook.

2) Jungkook's coping mechanism

Jungkook's cute close-up

As a lot of us have to do struggle for small tasks. Jungkook also feels such hindrance due to his shy nature. But for this, he tries to take one step at a time and opens up to other people gradually.
'I feel the same way about my dancing and my singing, and I can’t compose a really amazing melody either. I feel like I’m always somewhere in the middle. But then I also think I have my own colors, so I like to quietly, slowly open up to people, and let them know what kind of person I am. Yeah, something like that. (laughs)' - Jungkook


Idol era Jungkook

We love how our cute golden maknae feels self-sufficient and not let anything come in his way. This is an inspiration for most of us who fear socializing in public. Check out Jungkook's spectacular direction skills in BTS' 'Life Goes On' music video!

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