GOT7 members now own their subunits and projects GOT7 members now own their subunits and projects

JJP, JUS2 and JB now belong to JAY B, GOT7 members own these brand rights

GOT7's projects and subunits now belong to JAY B and the other members, JYP assigned the rights to these trademarks

JYP Entertainment owned GOT7, its projects and subunits but now they belong to the creartive mind behind them. JAY B, Jinyoung and Yugyeom now own the rights of his duos and subunits.

GOT7 has a long history to tell, the idol group debuted on 2014 and all of its members worked hard in order to achieve the dreams and goals of the band and the idols. They released a lot of great songs for AHGASE and worked really hard in their music.

In 2021, GOT7 was able to leave JYP Entertainment, the K-Pop agency which debuted this boy band. There was a lot of confusion about this fact since a lot of fans tought that the idol group was going to disband back then and that they were not going to release something new anymore.

It's been a while and GOT7 affirms that they haven't disbanded but all of the members have been focusing on their solo projects in music and other fields, they tend to tell fans that they're still together and maybe we'll have a new comeback soon.

But before that happens, AHGASE celebrates that now JAY B, Jinyoung and Yugyeom have the rights of their subunits from GOT7, JYP assigned the rights to these trademarks to the idols.

JAY B, Jinyoung and Yugyeom now own the rights for JJP, JUS2 and JB, they won't belong to JYP Entertainment anymore

Officially the trademark rights of JB, JJP, and JUS2 have been transferred to Jaebeom, who shared the rights with his fellow subunits with Jinyoung JJ Project and Yugyeom JUS2. Now they're are the owners of these projects in which they all worked hard and showed more of their talents in music.

This is a great achievement for GOT7 members who worked hard on these subunits and songs and MVs for these projects.

What does it mean that JAY B now owns GOT7's subunits?

It means that now GOT7 members can use these names, songs, trademarks and more freely. It also might mean that they're going to keep releasing more content as subunits, so we might have more comebacks soon from the idol group and these special projects!


AHGASE can't be happier now since things seem to be taking the place they should take and the owners who worked hard on these songs and projects deserve to have the rights and keep sharing more content.

Keep reading more about GOT7 and JAY B, now that he joined GOT7's CEO line with a new company.

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