Discover who is the prettiest K-Pop idol of 2020

Honestly, this is a difficult question to answer sharply. Well, it is a coin with several faces. However, we have managed to track down the female idol most voted by fans as the most beautiful of 2020. Keep reading to find out who she is.

  • There are currently about 16 active girl groups in the K-pop genre. The most popular bands at the moment are Blackpink, Twice, Red Velvet and the recently released Aespa.
  • Every year since 1990, TC Candler and The Independent Critics publish the 100 Most Beautiful Faces in Asia. The winners are nominated and voted by fans to become kings and queens.
  • The world of K-Pop is very vast and the girls that make up the female groups of the genre are all very beautiful, however some stand out more than others.
Some of the most popular k-pop groups in 2020.

In addition to taking into account the publication of the most beautiful faces in Asia, we have taken the opinions of netizens so as not to be guided so much by the popularity of the groups only but more by the beauty of the idols.

Here we have the three girls that make up the list of the most beautiful in K-pop.

3rd place.

Irene from Red Velvet.

With a bronze medal, we have Irene from Red Velvet.

The SM Entertainment idol debuted in the girl group in 2014 and from there became one of the most beautiful faces in the genre.

Irene posing for Vogue.

The 29-year-old singer also established herself as an actress and of course as a model for major fashion brands.

Today we are waiting for the return of the red girls, who have not released new material lately, but they surely will.

2nd place.

Lisa Manoban.

Very close to being the most beautiful of the genre we have Lisa Manoban.

Of course, Blackpink's popularity is unmatched by other girl groups.


Just choosing between the enormous beauty of the four members of the group is already a very difficult task.

However, the 23-year-old Thai rapper is the most voted by fans as the most beautiful of Blackpink.

1st place.


Tzuyu from Twice.

The incredible beauty of this 21-year-old JYP Entertainment idol is unrivaled.

She is the youngest of the 9-member group that debuted in 2015 and is still active and successful today.

Tzuyu from Twice.

Tzuyu was voted in 2019 as the champion of the 100 most beautiful faces in Asia and is still the favorite of the fans.

Which one is your favorite?

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