Will Lee Jung Jae join Marvel or not? Will Lee Jung Jae join Marvel or not?

Will Lee Jung Jae join Marvel? The Korean actor clarifies everything about these rumors

Some time ago there were some rumors that Lee Jung Jae was in talks for a project with Marvel, is this true?

Lee Jung Jae has cleared up the rumors that this legendary Korean actor would work in a Marvel movie or series, will he really join this franchise?

There are a lot of extremely talented Korean actors with extensive careers, including Lee Jung Jae who has been working in the industry for quite some time. He has participated in a lot of K-Dramas and movies where he has earned the love and support of the public thanks to his characters.

In 2021, we saw Jung Jae as the lead in 'Squid Game', a Korean Netflix original series that gained great prominence due to its interesting plot and great characters. This drama launched much of the cast to fame and gave actors like Lee Jung Jae greater recognition internationally.

Lee Jung Jae even became an ambassador for Louis Vuitton and was invited to very important galas even in the United States. So this great Korean actor was gaining more prominence and it showed. There were fans who wanted to see him in more projects, who are looking forward to the second season of 'Squid Game' and more.

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor that, in fact, Lee Jung Jae was in talks with Marvel to be part of a series or movie of the franchise, but nothing had been confirmed until then... Now, the Korean actor has spoken about these rumours, are they true?

Lee Jung Jae clarifies rumors about his involvement with Marvel, will he join the franchise or not?

In a recent interview, Lee Jung Jae talked about those rumors that he will be part of Marvel, the Korean actor clarified that this is not true. Sadly, someone else made up these rumors which were taken as fact and started to spread. He said that he has not received any offer from Marvel.

The news is wrong. An overseas influencer wrote the rumor on social media probably for fun, and it was reported as fact. I've never received an offer from Marvel

Lee Jung Jae will not join Marvel | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Well, sometimes rumors actually make things happen and maybe hearing this, Marvel decides to call Lee Jung Jae and then we can see him as part of the great superhero universe.

Who was the influencer who made this rumor about Lee Jung Jae in Marvel?

 Many people started to know about this Lee Jung Jae rumor from Marvel Crave on Twitter, but his own tweet made it clear that it was done via 'DanielRPK', so this must have been the influencer who decided to make the rumor that he himself had invented. This then brought repercussions, many fans and media believed it.

Was this tweet the beginning of the rumor? | Twitter: @MarvelCrave

Maybe in the future we can see Lee Jung Jae in Hollywood anyway, it would be amazing, we would really love to see him.

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