Why is Song Kang named Netflix Son? Why is Song Kang named Netflix Son?

Why is Song Kang called Netflix son?The origin of this actor's nickname

Song Kang is a very popular Korean actor, did you know that he is often called as 'Netflix Son'? What does this nickname mean?

Why is Song Kang called Netflix Son? This is the reason why the actor is nicknamed in this way. His talent has stood out within the platform.

Song Kang is one of the most outstanding Korean actors of the moment, his great talent in front of the cameras has shone and many fans began to follow his career supporting each new project in which he was acting. His popularity has spread internationally.

Song Kang debuted in 2015 in the drama 'Hello, Spring', since then his career has grown exponentially, participating in many other Korean series that the public has acclaimed beyond measure. He is a great actor, there is no doubt about this and thanks to the fact that the entire planet can enjoy K-Dramas, he has gained maximum fame.

Perhaps some of Song Kang's most important works are 'Love Alarm', 'Sweet Home' or 'Like Butterfly'. These series have become popular among the public who enjoy dramas and have quickly become the favorites of millions of fans who can't stop watching them.

Did you know that Song Kang is also known as 'Netflix Son'? What is the reason behind this nickname? Get to know more about this Korean actor.

What is the reason why they call Song Kang 'Netflix Son'?

Song Kang is called Netflix Son since most of the series in which he has acted are available on Netflix, and all of them have been very successful on the platform. This is why his talent has been featured on this site and app and he earned this nickname.

Why is Song Kang Netflix Son? | Twitter: @npomvtt

Now you know a little more about Song Kang, a great actor who has shone a lot in various dramas and we can see many of these on Netflix.

What other nicknames does Song Kang have?

Song Kang has some other nicknames with which he is recognized, here we have the list with all of them, in addition to Netflix Son, they are the following.

Song Kang's nicknames | Twitter: @npomvtt

What will you call Song Kang from now on? This is an amazing actor and no matter what project he takes part in, it will be a success because of his talents.

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