Who has Lee Min Ho dated before? Who has Lee Min Ho dated before?

Who was Lee Min Ho dating? These actresses were his girlfriends

What is Lee Min Ho's love history? Some of his relationships have been public with K-Drama stars.

Surely a lot of fans would love to date actor Lee Min Ho, is he single? Find out more about his love status, here we tell you if he has dated someone or if he is in a relationship right now.

Lee Min Ho is an excellent drama actor, his work in different Korean series has earned him the love of millions of fans around the world. His portrayal of characters is just brilliant and we love seeing him embody different personalities in each of the productions he works on.

The professionalism of this Korean actor has captivated the public, but Minho also has a great personality, he is serious and committed to his work. But he is also someone who is funny, kind, cute, sweet, and has much more that we appreciate behind the scenes, interviews, and other content that includes this celebrity from Korea.

Last but not least, we have Lee Min Ho's visuals. We must accept that this actor is extremely handsome, very attractive, he manages to steal looks wherever he goes and even his work as a model has come to surprise us. We can say that Minho is a complete package, a hard-working man, with great charisma and handsome.

Has anyone been lucky enough to date Lee Min Ho? Get to know the actor's dating history, here we tell you what relationships he has had publicly.

Which actresses has Lee Min Ho dated?

Lee Min Ho has dated two actresses publicly, the first being Park Min Young. Both met on the recording of 'City Hunter' and from 2011 to 2012 they had a relationship that was made public. Many fans loved the chemistry that the two had and were happy to hear of their courtship.

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young | Twitter: @runningnamzy

The second actress Lee Min Ho has dated is Bae Suzy, from 2015 to 2017 both actors were in a relationship. It seems that they just met and started dating, as they hadn't worked together when their relationship began to blossom. Sadly they broke up.

Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy had a two year relationship | Twitter: @Malis59515452

Lee Min Ho dating rumors point to these other actresses 

There are more rumors of Lee Min Ho dating other actresses, but these are not confirmed relationships. The first rumor was that the actor had a secret relationship with actress Park Shin Hye after the two worked together in the drama 'The Heirs', but it was never made public.

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye | Twitter: @jennievvvv

Another actress Lee Min Ho had dating rumors with was Kim Go Eun as they had great chemistry and fans really loved seeing them together. They both worked on 'The King: Eternal Monarch' and that's where we discovered that they looked great together.

Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho | Twitter: @TrcCu1

Well, that's been it for today, maybe Lee Min Ho would look good with anohter celebrity too! But for now it seems like he's single.

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