Song Kang's first K-Drama Song Kang's first K-Drama

What was Song Kang's first drama? This was his debut as an actor

Song Kang is now one of the top Korean actors, do you know which drama he debuted with? Meet the first participation of him on television

There are a lot of K-Dramas in which we can see Song Kang, this actor has a good career now, do you know how he started his career?  This was his first drama.

Song Kang is a talented Korean actor whom we have seen in dramas like 'Nevertheless', 'Sweet Home' or 'Forecasting Love and Weather'.  The talents of this star have led her to succeed in the industry and gain great fame and popularity.

Thanks to his excellent work in different series and movies, Kang has managed to attract the attention of the public that quickly becomes a fan of this actor.  Today we can see him at the top, with many more projects and a large number of fans who do not stop showing their support and admiration for him at all times.

But Song Kang's fame and popularity did not happen overnight and he had to work hard to achieve his goals and continue to grow in the world of entertainment in South Korea.  This is how he has been growing his career and experience in acting.

Going back to the beginning of Song Kang's career, we can find out more about this excellent actor.  Here we tell you what his first drama was, that's how he started his acting career.

In which drama did Song Kang debut?  This was the beginning of him as an actor

Hello, Spring was Song Kang's first drama, in this he had a small appearance with the character of Jung Woo Jin began his acting career in the world of dramas.  This happened in 2015 and 2 years later, in 2017, he participated in 'The Liar and His Lover' which was his debut on television.

Song Kang in Hello, Spring |Twitter: @neartoming_

Now you know how Song Kang's beginnings in acting were, today he has worked hard to get to the top and be so successful.

What was Song Kang's first leading role?

In 2019, Song Kang joined the cast of 'Love Alarm', a K-Drama in which he had his first leading role as Hwang Sun Oh.  This drama gained great popularity and made Kang shine even more, from this series the actor was included in many more projects.

Song Kang in Love Alarm | Twitter: @sajjangnlm

There is much to admire about Song Kang and his beginnings in dramas have been great, we hope to see more of this amazing actor in K-Dramas and K-Movies.

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