Song Kang's dream job Song Kang's dream job

What was Song Kang's dream job when he was a child? He didn't want to be an actor

Song Kang used to wish to work in a different field that acting, what was it?

When Song Kang was a child, he wanted to work as something else, he didn't really wanted to become an actor, what was his dream job?

Song Kang is one of the most popular Korean actors in this moment, he has great talent and charisma which makes public fall in love with him. His characters have a unique essence and style on each drama or movie in which he's working.

This actor has also a great and cheerful personality which fans love, we can't get tired of every detail of Kang. He's pretty cool and dedicated to his work, even before acting, he studied hard to be a great actor and impress the world with his abilities on camera.

Song Kang studied at the Konkuk University and he was ready to debut right after his graduation. He put a lot of effort during his first dramas since there were a lot of things that he didn't learn at school. That's how Kang's career as an actor kept getting bigger and having great moments showing all of his talents.

But did you know that Song Kang didn't wanted to be an actor when he was a child? He wanted to work as something different, what was it?

This was Song Kang's dream job before he wanted to become an actor

Previously, Song Kang did not exactly dream of becoming an actor. He thought of other types of jobs, he wanted to be an architect or a furniture designer. Because of some pictures he saw about these careers and jobs he wanted to work on it.

Song Kang didn't want to be an actor | Twitter: @dohwankang

Although he never knew how to start for either of those two careers, Song Kang decided to abandon that dream and look for a better one.

Why did Song Kang want to become an actor?

Perhaps Song Kang was not so convinced to become an architect, because when he was a child he watched the movie 'Titanic' and was inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio to be an actor. He then resumed this dream and managed to become a great celebrity in dramas

This is why Song Kang wanted to become an actor | Twitter: @dohwankang

Now you know a little more about Song Kang, a great Korean drama and movie actor with all his talents and skills.

Keep reading more about your favorite actors and K-Dramas like these ones which are full of fantasy, do you have a favorite one? 

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