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What is Song Kang's true personality like? His colleagues reveal everything

The super famous actor Song Kang seems to be an adorable man on his K-Dramas. His colleagues have revealed how he acts off cameras.

The good-looking Song Kang is a Korean actor that has conquered the hearts of a lot of people thanks to his multiple K-Dramas. Throughout his career, we have seen him working on projects of all genres. There is no doubt that his acting skills are awesome!

However, the fanatics are curious about the true personality of the actor. He seems to be sweet, gentle and sometimes a little bit shy. Is this is real character? We are telling you what his colleagues have revealed about Song Kang.

Actor Song Kang / Twitter @rocknroam1

The casting of "Forecasting Love and Weather" talks about Song Kang's personality

Song Kang's latest show is "Forecasting Love and Weather". During the promotions for this K-Drama, the cast included the actor, Park Min Young, Yoon Park and Yura were on a special interview with Netflix.

'Forecasting Love and Weather' casting / Twitter @kjspmy

While playing a game, the cast was asked about their first impression of Song Kang. All of them said that he looked exhausted back then. He had a dark aura around him, they were even worried about it. Park Min Young added:

But he's totally different now. Now he laughs at anything too easily.

The actress revealed that even during the hard days on the filming set Song Kang was energetic. They confessed that he is quite similar to his role in the drama, Lee Si Woo.

Despite his stunning appearance, he is not sexy in his daily life. According to his colleagues, he has the vibes of a puppy. However, the actor spends a lot of time working out even during the short break times.  Check the full video here.

It sounds even more charismatic than his character on the screen. What do you think about it?

He is really sweet with his fans. Check what he did for a lucky fan here.

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