This is Lee Min Ho's favorite perfume This is Lee Min Ho's favorite perfume

What is Lee Min Ho's favorite perfume? This is the fragance he wears

Lee Min Ho's natural essence is enhanced by the delicious aroma of his favorite perfume, what fragrance is it?

A lot of fans would love to meet Lee Min Ho in person, and who wouldn't want to hug him? Surely his perfume would stay with you for hours, this one is his favorite.

Millions of fans from all over the world follow Lee Min Ho's career as an actor, years ago he debuted in a Korean drama and little by little he gained the love and admiration of the public. Today he is one of the most popular actors in South Korea and his impact reaches everywhere on the planet.

Minho has great acting skills, his characters show how versatile he is and that there is no role that challenges him every time he steps on the film set. In addition, Lee Min Ho has a great personality, his charisma has completely captivated everyone and this is why more and more people join his fandom.

Like any fan, Minoz loves to know everything about Lee Min Ho, and through interviews, videos, behind the scenes, and other content, we have been able to learn various fun facts about this Korean actor. Thus, his fans can learn more about this star and even about his daily life.

Have you ever wondered what Lee Min Ho smells like? His favorite perfume can give you an idea about the essence that is part of him day after day. If you get to know him, his fragrance will also remain in your memory forever.

What does Lee Min Ho smell like? This is his favorite perfume

BVLGARI POUR HOMME is Lee Min Ho's favorite perfume, it smells like a mix of woody, citrus, earthy and floral notes. The actor likes strong fragrances and this one is never out of his collection. He also He never hesitates to carry this perfume everywhere, as it is part of his routine and enhances his personal essence.

Lee Min Ho's favorite perfume | Twitter: @ActorLeeeMinHoo

Now you know it, this is Lee Min Ho's favorite perfume, an amazing fragance which will conquer your senses as soon as you smell it.

Does Lee Min Ho use beauty products?

As you might know, a lot of celebrities must take care of their skin, face and much more, that's why they tend to use beauty products and it's applied to Lee Min Ho too, this K-Drama actor takes care of the skin on his face with various masks and special products for it, he has a whole skin care routine and the best tips to keep it perfect at all times.

Lee Min Ho likes to take care of his skin | Twitter: @mlmyoonie

Now you know it, you might smell like Lee Min Ho and take care of your skin just like him, now that you got to know what's the actor's favorite perfume.

Get to know more about Lee Min Ho, we tell you everything about the date when he started acting, it's been a long time. 

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