Which was Hwang In Yeop's English name? Which was Hwang In Yeop's English name?

What is Hwang In Yeop English name? He used it while studying abroad

Did you know that Hwang In Yeop studied outside of Korea? Well then he also used an English name, what was it?

Today everyone knows Hwang In Yeop, an amazing K-Drama actor who has delighted us with his talents in front of the cameras, but before that he was known by his English name that he used while he was studying outside of Korea.

Hwang In Yeop is an excellent drama actor that we have seen in series like 'True Beauty', 'The Sound Of Magic' and 'Why Her?' which is still on air. He has delighted a lot of fans with his talents in front of the cameras in these series. In addition to also having a nice charisma that fans love to see even off camera.

In Yeop had a somewhat late debut, but that's not to say that he didn't show off his talents. He may not have planned it at all, but before becoming an actor he studied, then he did his military service and when he finished his obligations he began looking for roles and auditioning to fulfill his dream and dedicate himself to acting.

Before he did, there were some people who didn't believe in him as he had a reserved and introverted personality and they believed that it wouldn't work for acting. He studied modeling and that is why he first performed on the catwalks, which gave him enough confidence to leave behind his shy personality and dare to continue pursuing his dream of being an actor.

And speaking of what Hwang In Yeop studied, did you know that he studied outside of Korea? Back then, the Korean actor had to use an English name, what was it?

Hwang In Yeop used an English name while studying outside of Korea, what was it?

Ryan Leon is the English name of Hwang In Yeop, this is the one he used while studying fashion in the Philippines, to be exact in Davao. He studied outside of Korea and as soon as he graduated he returned to his country. Although in the Philippines he is well loved and having studied there he is also considered a source of pride for that country.

Hwang In Yeop used this English name | Twitter: @inyouppics

So now you know what Hwang In Yeop's English name is and why he used it. For fans of the Philippines, it's great to know that this Korean actor spent time living in the country.

Hwang In Yeop had great experiences living in the Philippines

In some interviews, Hwang In Yeop has talked about his experience while living and studying in the Philippines, saying that his friends always treated him well despite being a foreigner. He lived in that country for 4 years and has also confessed that the food he likes there is lechon.


Hwang In Yeop had a nice experience in the Philippines and we are happy about it. He will always be welcome in the country where many fans expect and support him.

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