Kim Sae Ron and her accident while driving Kim Sae Ron and her accident while driving

What happened to Kim Sae Ron? The actress had an accident while she was driving

Kim Sae Ron is surrounded by controversy right now due to recent accusations, what happened?

Actress Kim Sae Ron had to leave the K-Drama she was working on due to the accident she had, what is happening to her?

Kim Sae Ron is a young Korean actress who was born on July 31, 2000. She debuted in 2011 when she was still a child and her first drama was 'Can You Hear My Heart?' Since then she has been taking on new roles and roles in different series, webdramas and movies where she has proven to be someone really professional and dedicated to her work.

Sae Ron has appeared in dramas like 'The Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim', 'Witch's Mirror' or 'Hi! School: Love On' which have become some of his fan favorites. Little by little, the career of this Korean actress continued to grow with new projects and more series in which she participated.

For this 2022, Kim Sae Ron also had two new dramas 'Hunting Dogs' planned for Netflix and 'Trolley', so the world was really excited to see her in new series and enjoy her talents once again. The public waited patiently for the premieres of both productions.

But an accident has caused Kim Sae Ron to end up leaving one of these K-Dramas, the actress will no longer appear in them as she is facing some charges, what happened to her?

Kim Sae Ron faces charges for her car accident, she's accused of driving drunk

Kim Sae Ron had an accident while driving, the police were doing a routine check when the actress was identified. She was not sober while she was driving, plus she had a passenger in the car and that makes driving while intoxicated even more dangerous.

Kim Sae Ron wasn't sober while driving | Twitter: @infodrakor_id

Many netizens are disappointed with this and see it as a great irresponsibility on the part of the actress and her passenger not to have been careful and drive while she was drunk.

Kim Sae Ron quits drama Trolley after apologizing 

Kim Sae Ron's agency issued an apology from the actress for drunk driving. It was also stated that she will no longer be appearing in the drama 'Trolley', she left the cast due to this controversy that she is going through.

Kim Sae Ron won't appear on Trolley | Twitter: @theseoulstory

This news is sad for many fans, but the actress must also take responsibility for her actions and be more careful when having fun. We should always be responsible when we drink.

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