What did Lee Min Ho study in the University? What did Lee Min Ho study in the University?

What did Lee Min Ho study to become an actor? This is his academic career

Before debuting as an actor, Lee Min Ho had to prepare himself by studying to shine in front of the cameras

What school did Lee Min Ho study at? This great actor prepared himself academically to be the best in his work, what did he study?

Lee Min Ho is one of the best-known actors in the drama industry, his great work and dedication are reflected in various series such as 'The Heirs', 'Boys Over Flowers' or 'The King: The Eternal Monarch'. These are just some of his best-known works that have given him millions of fans.

Minho has a lot of fans around the world, followers who never lose track of his projects, and great moments in South Korean television and cinema. Lee Min Ho's acting skills are what has caught the attention of those who enjoy Korean series.

Lee Min Ho employs his skills and talents in an exceptional way that has given him the best characters in many K-Dramas. He proves to be a highly professional actor and well prepared for any role or project that comes his way in his career.

But, how did Lee Min Ho prepare before debuting? This was the career he studied to become as acclaimed an actor as he is today.

What did Lee Min Ho study? The actor's college career

Lee Min Ho studied at the Film and Art department at Konkuk University, which is how he prepared himself to be an actor. After that he began to audition for various roles and it was as he began to acquire small roles in productions that allowed him to better develop his skills and everything he learned in his specialty.

Lee Min Ho studied at Konkuk University | Twitter: @craeminoz

Now you know, this is how Lee Min Ho prepared himself before starting his drama career, his talent shone in front of the cameras thanks to all the knowledge he acquired.

What did Lee Min Ho work on before becoming an actor?

Before debuting as an actor, Lee Min Ho had a job as a 'test model', this was to test the cameras to record commercials before the real actor or model that would be part of the commercial appeared in front of them. Even though Minho wasn't cast as the lead in commercials at the time, he didn't give up and kept auditioning to get the role he deserved.

Lee Min Ho used to be a test model | Twitter: @theseoulstory

All the effort that Lee Min Ho put in while studying and working before becoming an actor is worth it today as he is one of the most recognized, loved and acclaimed Korean actors in the industry.

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