Lee Jung Jae for 'Squid Game' Lee Jung Jae for 'Squid Game'

What can we expect from Squid Game 2? This is what Netflix has prepared

Squid Game is coming back with a second season! Do you want to know what will be this project about?

During the pandemic, we all were waiting for some interesting content to watch. Lockdown was difficult for the whole world and the filming industry was a good relief place for tons of people. And then, Squid Game arrived in our lives.

The original Netflix series became a global sensation. It follows the story of a group of people participating in the lethal version of various child games from the Korean traditional culture. Despite being a little bit violent, it's an amazing critique of our modern society.

The casting of 'Squid Game' / Twitter @FoundedScarab

Now, the beloved show is part of pop culture. The ending of the series was really intense but it gave us an open final. Seong Gi Hun, the protagonist seemed to had a new assignment. Well. the story will continue in the confirmed second season.

Netflix confirms Squid Game season 2

On June 12 Netflix revealed that the second for the popular show "Squid Game" is already in production. A new poster with the iconic doll from the first episode was dropped. Just the number 2 and the three shapes figures were all the world needed to went crazy.

'Squid Game 2' poster / Twitter @NetflixBrasil

Immediately, the series became the main topic on social media. Just a few hours after the announcement Squid Gane was at the top of Twitter global trends. Netflix has let us know a little bit about the upcoming story.

Squid Game's director shares details about the second season

At most at the same time, the production staff dropped a little letter by Hwang Dong Hyuk, the genius behind this project. The director thanked the public for their love and support for the series. 

Hwang Dong Hyuk's  message / Twitter @netflix

He introduced a new character, Cheol Su, the boyfriend of the lethal doll Young Hee. Also, has been confirmed that Lee Jung Jae is taking his role, Seong Gi Hun. The famous actor Gong Yoo will be back as 'the man with ddakji', who gave the invitation for the game to the protagonist.

It sounds very interesting, right?

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