Son Ye Jin's expensive wedding dresses Son Ye Jin's expensive wedding dresses

Were Son Ye Jin's wedding dresses too expensive? This was what their cost

Son Ye Jin looked simply amazing during her wedding. The dresses she wore enhanced her beauty, how expensive was it?

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin's wedding was amazing, full of romance and beautiful moments. And if we can highlight something, it is the magnificent dresses that the bride wore, do you know how much they cost?

After dating rumors and actually dating and being in a beautiful relationship, actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin decided to get married. Their love story moved from the recording sets to reality, demonstrating the great chemistry they both have for their audience.

Drama fans really love this couple as they have a super special romance. In 2021 they confirmed their relationship and nobody could be more than happy and in early 2022 they announced their engagement. Soon they would celebrate their wedding which would take place with great happiness and joy.

The world was able to appreciate much of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin's marriage ceremony through photos and videos that the guests chose to share. The wedding was beautiful, the flower decorations, the altar, every detail was simply sculptural and gorgeous.

Although if we pay attention to their looks, we will die of envy. Son Ye Jin looked beyond gorgeous in her magnificent wedding dresses, which was not cheap at all, do you want to know how much it cost?

How much did Son Ye Jin's wedding dresses cost? These were their prices

Son Ye Jin not only wore one wedding dress for her wedding, she wore four dresses in total and all of them had a different price. How expensive were they? Here we leave you the models and the estimated cost of each of them.

Son Ye Jin's wedding dresses | Twitter: @nedihalmeoni

 Which of these was your favorite dress? The actress looked simply beautiful with all of them. But the most important thing is that she also looked very happy at her wedding.

Hyun Bin's wedding suit was cheaper than even just one Son Ye Jin's dress

It seems that Hyun Bin did not spend so much money on his wedding dress, he was a little more on the safe side and although it was still somewhat expensive, the truth is that its value is below any of the dresses that his wife Son Ye Jin wore. . It is estimated that the actor's suit cost around $6,940 USD.

Hyun Bin's wedding suit | Instagram: @hyunbinfashion

Now you know how much the bride and groom spent on their wedding looks, they both looked amazing and the price doesn't really matter, the important thing is the love with which this marriage was built and the happiness of the couple.

Keep reading more about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's wedding, we tell you which celebrities went to their wedding and celebrated love with the couple. 

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