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This is Lee Dong Wook favorite K-Drama that he has worked on

The Korean actor Lee Dong Wook has a long and sucessful career working on Dramas. Among all of them, wich one is his favorite?

Lee Dong Wook is a talented actor who enjoys playing different characters on screen. We saw him as a timid Grim Reaper, as a mean CEO or as a manic and cold hotel manager. 

We don't care too much about what kind of personality he portrays, we always get impressed with his skillful interpretations.

Actor Lee Dong Wook / By @actor_wookie

If you're wondering which project of Lee Dong Wook is his favorite, we got you, we are telling you.

Could it be the most famous one "Goblin" or his latest drama "Bad and Crazy"? Let's find it out!

Lee Dong Wook and his K-Drama he can watch again and again

For an interview the actor Lee Dong Wook was asked among all the projects he has worked in, which one he would watch again. His response is a surprise, he choses "Bittersweet Life"

'Bittersweet Life' promotional / By @itsjazzzzme

This drama was aired in 2008 with Lee Dong Wook in the role of Lee Joonsoo, a handsome and mysterious man who will be involved in a relationship with the protagonist of the story, Yoon Hyejin. She just discovered her husband is having an affair. It is a melodrama that explores middle-aged romance with a lot of mystery.

In this show Lee Dong Wook worked with the actress Oh Yeonsoo. The main couple performed a great chemistry.

Lee Dong Wook and Oh Yeonsoo for 'Bittersweet Life' / By @MeroWookie

For sure Lee Dong Wook has a good taste! Have you watched ths K-Drama? or , is now on your ‘to watch' list?

If you like Lee Dong Wook as much as we do, Check here some of his work in the Fantasy genre.

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