'The Sound Of Magic' poster 'The Sound Of Magic' poster

'The Sound Of Magic' revealed a mistic new teaser, do you believe in magic?

A new Neflix show based on webtoons is here. The teaser for 'The sound Of Magic' is here,

"Do You Believe in magic?" This  is how the promotional poster of "The Sound Of Magic'' introduces the show. The three main characters are in the night at a mistic amusement park. Bubbles and butterflies floating around. What can we wait to see in this show?

It will be a music drama under the Fantasy gender. Lee Eul is the main character, a mysterious magician who suddenly meets a girl named Yoon Ai. Ji Changwook and Choi Sung Eun are the artists who will portrait this story.

'The Sound of Magic' poster / By @fandeloasiatico

It is based on the webtoon "Annrasumanara" from 2010 by the writer Ha Il Kwon. Netflix took the challenge to put the story on screens. Now we can see a little bit of the Drama. Check the trailer here.

"The Sound Of Magic" teaser will make you believe in magic

As soon as it starts we can see the magician Lee Eun getting ready wearing a cap and hat.

Then, some students seem to be affected with the magic, and of course, the music. Yoon Ai is fascinating with a blue butterfly in the middle of the night. Our protagonist says something to the young lady:

Do you know what you have to do when your heart is broken?

You have to memorize the spell

The lives of the students will change after the meeting with the magical. Music, fantastic scenarios and a meaningful story. We are already excited to watch the Drama.

It will be released on May 6 on Netflix. Since we have to wait, it's a good idea to watch another Fantasy K-Dramas. We have the best option for you

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