Taecyeon would star this new zombie drama Taecyeon would star this new zombie drama

Taecyeon is ready to star in this new zombie drama based on a webtoon

It seems that Taecyeon will soon return to act in a new zombie K-Drama that you will not be able to stop watching, what will it be about?

A new project is coming up that will fill all fans of Korean dramas and zombies with excitement, as Taecyeon may be starring in a new drama based on the webtoon 'Taereung Zombie Center'.

We have been able to see Taecyeon in a lot of dramas, he is not only a great idol of 2PM, he has also worked in the world of K-Dramas. Although in 2009 he had a cameo in a drama, his debut came more fully in 2010 with the series 'Cinderella's Sister', since then he has worked in many other productions.

Ok Taecyeon's most recent dramas are 'Secret Royal Inspector Joy' and 'Vincenzo', as well as being part of the cast of 'Blind' which will arrive in July 2022. Fans are looking forward to this actor's next project where he will serve a new character with all the skills in front of the cameras that he has.

But it seems that 'Blind' is not Taecyeon's only upcoming project, the actor could appear in a new K-Drama that will start filming very soon. It is well known that zombie series quickly become fan favorites and a very popular webtoon with this theme will soon be adapted for television.

What will the webtoon-based drama 'Taereung Zombie Center' be about? Ok Taecyeon could very soon star in this new K-Drama that you will love.

Taecyeon in talks to star in new drama based on webtoon Taereung Zombie Center

Taecyeon's agency 51K confirmed that the Korean actor has been offered the lead role for the adapted webtoon drama 'Taereung Zombie Center'. This K-Drama would be about a group of Olympic athletes who must face a zombie apocalypse. Taecyeon's role would be that of a Judo athlete.

Taecyeon would star this new K-Drama about zombies | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Do you think Taecyeon will accept this new role? We hope that the actor will be confirmed for this new drama very soon, since it could represent new adventures alongside him with zombies that manage to captivate many fans.

What is Taecyeon's next drama?

As mentioned above, Taecyeon's next K-Drama will be 'Blind', in this series the actor will play the lead role of Ryu Sungjoon, this drama is about said detective who will help bring justice to people who find their aggressors. and decide to expose them. The drama will arrive in July 2022 on Korean television.

Blind is Taecyeon's next K-Drama | Twitter: @meungupdates

So this year will be full of new Taecyeon dramas which we can't wait for, it will be great to see him in these new series with very different plots.

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