Squid Game will be a reality show now Squid Game will be a reality show now

Squid Game will become a reality with the new plans that Netflix has for the series

Soon you will be able to experience Squid Game in your own flesh with these new projects that Netflix has for the series

Squid Game has been a very successful Korean Netflix series that may soon become a reality, would you compete in a game as macabre as in this K-Drama?

In 2021 the whole world went crazy for 'Squid Game', this K-Drama was one of the most watched Netflix original series on that platform. It became a tremendous trending topic among fans of the series and there is no one who has not seen this incredible production that became one of the public's favorites.

'Squid Game' presents us with a competition with a juicy prize for whoever manages to win. But this game is not easy at all because despite the fact that the competitors will have to do those dynamics for children, all of them have a terrible twist and could end up lifeless while they are competing.

Everything about this Netflix drama caught the attention of the public, the development of its characters, the organizers of the game, the competitors, the plot and others conquered the audience that became a fan of the series. Many are looking forward to a second installment that could happen sooner than we think.

But Netflix also has other plans for Squid Game and it seems that we will be able to live the terrible games of the series in reality, would you dare to participate in this competition?

Netflix will turn Squid Game into a real competition in a new reality show with a big prize

Netflix is taking Squid Game very seriously and making a reality show based on the series. It's called Squid Game: The Challenge and it'll have 456 contestants who will compete for the prize of 4.56 million dollars in a reality show with the same theme as the K-Drama, of course the competitors will not have to fight for their lives, they will simply be games based on those of Squid Game.

Participants can now start applying to enter this reality show, the trailer reveals a web page where registration begins, will you dare to participate in Squid Game: The Challenge?

Who can apply to participate in Squid Game: The Challenge?

On the Squid Game: The Challenge page, there is casting for the US, UK, and Global, so basically anyone from around the world as long as they speak English can apply to be one of the contestants on this upcoming Netflix reality show. Photos and videos are required to apply.

There's global casting for Squid Game: The Challenge | Source: squidgamecasting.com

So you can participate no matter what part of the world you are from, you can show your power in these children's games that will require a lot of skill and win a millionaire prize.

Keep reading more about Squid Game, 'cause Netflix also revealed more about its second season that we really want to watch. 

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