Two characters from Squid Game will be back for season two Two characters from Squid Game will be back for season two

Squid Game reveals two characters that we will see again in its second season

Squid Game 2 is already a fact and its director spoke about two characters that will appear again in this second season

Who were your favorite characters in Squid Game? Maybe you could see them again in the second season of this Netflix series.

Squid Game was one of the most acclaimed series of 2021, Netflix premiered this K-Drama on its platform and quickly caught the attention of the public that placed it at the top of the most viewed on the streaming website and app. The interesting plot and characters of this production took it to the top of success.

Haven't you seen Squid Game? Well, this drama is about a macabre contest with a millionaire reward, in this competition the contestants must face various children's games, but they will have a terrible twist that could end their lives. Survival was super important for these games and little by little we got to know their characters.

Perhaps many fans remember the characters better as the numbers of competitors they wore, 001, 067 or 456 were some of the figures that the most endearing characters of Squid Game had. It was definitely a super interesting series that millions of fans enjoyed through Netflix.

Well, the long-awaited second season of Squid Game has already been confirmed and Hwang Dong Hyuk, director of the series, has confirmed two of its characters for its second broadcast, who will we see again?

Lee Jung Jae and Lee Byung Hun's characters confirmed for Squid Game 2

The director of Squid Game revealed that Lee Jung Jae's character Seong Gi Hun and Lee Byung Hun's character Hwang In Ho are confirmed for Squid Game 2. The second season of this amazing series could be closer than we think and already has these two characters confirmed.

These two characters are confirmed foro Squid Game 2 | Twitter: @morebuttertv

Do you have everything ready for the second season of Squid Game? It seems that it will be loaded with great surprises for fans of this great Korean Netflix series.

When will Squid Game 2 be premiered?

There is still no confirmed date as such for the premiere of Squid Game 2, but this second season is expected to be ready at the end of 2024, so there is still a long time to wait to see the second installment of this incredible K-Drama .

Squid Game 2 will be premiered in 2024 | Twitter: @ivanelmer21

We will have to wait longer to see this incredible series, meanwhile we will wait for more information from the director and from Netflix to have more advances of this great drama.

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