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Song Kang's hobby is drawing, how good is he at doing it?

The actor Son Kang has revealed he is interested in drawing. His fans are having a discussion: Is he talented for this as well?

The 28 year old actor Song Kang has conquered tons of fanatics thanks to his acting skills. He got the "Netflix's son" title after his work in multiple original series of this streaming platform. He has proven he is a good actor who can portray different types of characters. 

No one can deny he is talented, however in recent days his fans are debating about the new hoby of the handsome actor. He confessed he is good at drawing. It is gatting opposite reaction on internet. We are telling you everything.

Song Kang for 'Dazed' / By @Ed_Dramas

The controversy about Song Kang new hobby: drawing

A few months ago Song Kang was in the cover for the Singles Korea magazine. Its official Youtube channel dropped a short interview with the actor. He was asked to promote a makeup product with a drawing. Then he confessed he is good at it.

The result of his drawing was a little bit ambiguous, the character didn't have a leg. Anyways, he was happy

The fans are bringing back another episode where the Idol has shown his drawing ability. During the filming of "Nevertheless" the production team recorded a video of Song Kang drawing his colleague Han Soo Hee, but he wasn't even looking at her. In the video we can see how the actress is asking for a correction in her eyes.

Han Soo Hee and Song Kang / By @oceanjuanderer

Previously we have seen the actor drawing on a white board a basic car. Check his portrait of Kim So Hyun. Do you think it is good?

Song Kang drawing / By @ShiroNozomi

Do you know what was the first K-drama in Song Kang's career? Read this article to find it out.

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