Visit Seoul with the best Song Kang's tips Visit Seoul with the best Song Kang's tips

Song Kang is the best tour guide of Seoul with his tips for a trip

Who wouldn't love to visit South Korea? If you're planning to go to Seoul, Song Kang will give you the best advices

Song Kang is a popular south korean actor who will give you the best way to enjoy your travel to Seoul, he has the best tips for your trip.

On K-Dramas such as 'Sweet Home', 'Nevertheless' and 'Like Butterfly', the audience enjoys the talent of Song Kang, one of the most popular korean actors who has great abilities and capabilities in front of the cameras. He has a lot of fans all around the world.

Kang's fans love to see every phase from the actor, with new characters and roles, and we can see one of his purest facets in 'Forecasting Love And Weather' his newest drama where he interprets Lee Shi Woo and is charming his admirers once again.

There are a lot of things that we can appreciate from Song Kang, he has an amazing personality, even if he sometimes seems kinda introverted, he's also cute, pure, and cheerful; some of his co-stars reveal more about him and how he works in the filming set.

But he can also give you the best advice if your planning to go to South Korea, specially in Seoul, he has the best advices to make the perfect trip, Song Kang is the best tour guide.

Song Kang gives you the best tips for a trip in Seoul, South Korea

Song Kang gave an interview for 'Visit Seoul' and he will give you the best tips to enjoy your trip in this city, he has some tips for you. He recommends wearing a casual sweatshirt with jeans, so you can have a very confortable outfit.

Song Kang has the best tips | Twitter: @forskg

He also says that the best way to come and go from airport is a taxi, so you can move easily or avoid driving since there's a lot of traffic sometimes.

Taxi is the best conveyance in Seoul | Twitter: @forskg

 And if you want to have an activity outoors, Kang recomends you to ride your bike near to the Hangang River.

Song Kang has a good activity for you | Twitter: @forskg

Were sure that a bike ride can make you tired and hungry, so Song Kang tells you to eat at an old school eatery to taste the best flavors from Korea.

The best place to eat in Seoul according to Song Kang | Twitter: @forskg

And when the interviewed asked what kind of food would Song Kang recommend to an international friend, he selected bulgogi as the best dish to taste for foreing friends.

Best food for international friends | Twitter: @forskg

Now you know how to enjoy your trip in Seoul thanks to Song Kang and his best advices.

Song Kang also showed the beauty of Seoul 

If you want to see more about the beauty of Seoul, Song Kang showed it on video, the K-Drama actor participated in the 'Visit Seoul' campaing with this video that shows more od the city.

Now we want to visit Seoul ASAP, so we can follow all of the steps and tips that Song Kang gave to the world to make tour in Korea.

Get to know more about Song Kang, we  have some fun facts that you might not know about this amazing korean star.

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