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Song Kang is making his fans jealous with lovely interaction with a flight attendant

Apparently, Song Kang is not just a sweet man in the K-Dramas. This is what he did during an encounter with a fan.

Is pretty easy to fall in love with the characters of the handsome actor Song Kang. We have seen him in multiple projects -mostly Netflix original series- where he shines with her brilliant interpretations.

Of course, the 28 year old actor is collecting tons of hearts from all over the world thanks to his stunning beauty. However, his K-Dramas have proved how skillful he is. Song Kang can portray any type of role.

On the other hand, his popularity is increasing because of his distinctive kind and adorable personality. If you have any doubts about his personality off cameras, just check how sweet he was with a fan during a flight.

Song Kang in Swiss / By @SongKangLATAM

Flight attendant reveals photos of her encounter with Song Kang

Last week, song Kang travel to Swiss for a special photoshoot with Noblesse. The actor dropped some pictures of the beautiful scenarios of that country.

Song Kang and fan / By @ellocinrg

Recently, a flight attendant shared her experience meeting the artist. She explained that after noticing Song Kang was on the plane she asked for a photo. This is her comment:

Showed my passenger this photo and asked if we could take a real one, and he said yes.

Fan's post / By @ellocinrg

As you may know, for security reasons too many Korean celebrities prefer not to take pictures with their fans. However, Song Kang was immediately moved by the photo of the lady with a cardboard figure and he cannot deny doing it.

Flight attendant's post / By @ellocinrg

Maybe he was a little bit tired, but it doesn't care. He seems to be happy with the fan. He is adorable!

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