Song Kang for 'Navillera' Song Kang for 'Navillera'

Song Kang could be a ballet dancer, this is the reason

The Netflix actor Song Kang talent is amazing. This is how realistic his characters can be.

Song Kang is a young actor who despite his short career he is already one of the favorites of the public. He got the title "Netflix son" because of his multiple projects on this platform.

His own fanbase is getting bigger with every character he performs. No matter if it is a romantic drama like "Love Alarm" or maybe a horror story like "Sweet Home", he always shows how good actor he is.

Song Kang for Arena / By@SongKangLATAM

There is a particular K-Drama that can persuade the public he is also working in a different profession: Ballet dancer. Here is all the information.

Song Kang was a ballet dancer for Navillera

Navillera is the story of Duk Chool, a 70 years old man who is looking to achieve his dream of learning ballet. His mentor would be the unmotivated dancer Chae Rok. Song Kang took this role in the emotive K-Drama.

Song Kang for 'Navillera' / By @seoletters

The actor had to practice ballet for 6 months before the beginning of the film. For the press conference of Navillera the artist said he wasn't trying to improve his ballet skills. He put a lot of attention to the details of the movements of his body. 

As a dancer, he revealed he was taking care of all the lines of his body. He studied and learned the moves of professional dancers with videos in order to get an accurate interpretation.

'Navillera' poster / By @vanecassanoo

Even though the producer team casted a professional dancer to film some scenes we can watch Song Kang putting a lot of effort to act like a real ballet dancer.

Have you watched this K-Drama? It's a sweet story.

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