Song Joong Ki for 'Vincenzo' Song Joong Ki for 'Vincenzo'

Song Joong Ki reveals his best memories from 'Vincenzo'

Song Joong Ki was the male lead for the K-Drama "Vincenzo". In recent days the actor has talked about of the iconic show filming.

Song Joong Ki is one of the most beloved actors in Korea. Thanks to his projectes "Descendants Of The Sun" and "A Werewolf Boy" and many others he has conquered the public all over the world.

One of his most famous K-Dramas is Vincenzo. It is the story of a battle between various gangster groups. The main character, Vincenzo, will be forced to go back to Korea. There he will fall in love with a lawyer.

This show is the favorite of too many Netflix viewers. The actor has revealed some stories behind the scenes of the drama. This is what he said.

Lee Joong Ki for 'Vincenzo' / By @IReadMary

Song Joong Ki and his acting experience for 'Vicenzo'

On April 22 the Song Joong Ki agency History D&C dropped a video call "The Scene Of My Life". The video is a casual chat between the actors of the label including Geum Sae Rok, Im Chul Soo, Yang Kyung Won and, of course, Song Joong Ki.

The actor was asked about the moments when he felt the charms of acting and his answer was the time when he was filming Vicenzo.

For a scene after the death of Vincenzo's mother all the actors were in the same sentiment. Then Seo Ye Hwa's character said to him: "I'm pregnant but I can still fight". Song Joong Ki was really moved because of the pregnant woman line.

She was trying her best to deliver her energy to me. I could feel it so strongly, so I waited even after my scene was over. I wanted to give Ye Hwa a hug before leaving

The actor added he was so grateful for her good intentions. Those are moments the artist values the most in his career. Watch the full video here.

What do you think about his sweet words? Did you like Vincenzo?

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