Seo Ye Ji for 'Eve' Seo Ye Ji for 'Eve'

Seo Ye Ji is tempting a married man in new trailer for the K-Drama "Eve"

'Eve' will be here pretty soon. Do you want to know more about this revenge story starring Seo Ye Ji? The new trailer has been revealed.

The talented actress Seo Ye Ji is coming back to the K-Dramas! She stars the upcoming show "Eve". It follows the story of a young lady who is trying to get revenge against those who caused the death of her father.

The actress is taking the female lead role Lee Real. We will see her trying to damage the reputation of the leader of the LY Group, Kang Yun Gyeom. This character will be portrayed by the actor Park Byung Eun.

'Eve' poster / By @Spain_Kpop_

Now we have more details about the show. Are you curious about this revenge story?

New trailer for 'Eve', K-Drama starring Seo Ye Ji

tvN has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming K-Drama "Eve". In this clip we can see Lee Rael having an intense talk with Kang Yun Gyeom. Despite the CEO is a married man she says:

You want to have all of me. It is driving you crazy.

For just a few seconds we can see that the wife of Yoon Kyeom, Han So Ra is really angry. Immediately the childhood friend of the protagonist Seo Eun Pyung seems worried because of the situation. The video finish with Lee Rael' words:

I will drag you all into the flames of hell that burned me for so long.

A few days ago we saw how the protagonist flirts with Yoon Kyeom in a previous trailer. Apparently the beautiful Lee Rael will use herself as a weapon to achieve her revenge.

The story sounds pretty interesting, the ambientation creates a mood of mystery, and we have to add thet Seo Ye Ji's outfits for this show are awesome. We have too many reasons to watch this anticipated K-Drama.

Are you waiting for it? "Eve" will be here pretty soon, it will be released on May 25th.

If you want to know more details about 'Eve's plot, we have all the information in this article.

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