Eve and its scene that shocked the public Eve and its scene that shocked the public

Seo Ye Ji in Eve causes controversy due to this scene that shocked the Korean public

'Eve' is the new drama starring Seo Ye Ji that is being surrounded by controversy due to this scene

What happened in 'Eve'? The K-Drama had a scene starring Seo Ye Ji that turned out to be too strong for the Korean public and this caused a lot of controversy.

Seo Ye Ji is a drama actress who has appeared in various series and has captivated audiences with her talents. Some of her productions where we have seen her have been 'Lawless Lawyer', 'Save Me' or 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay', some of these have become public favorites.

But Seo Ye Ji's career was marred by a terrible controversy from the past, as this actress's toxic behavior with her ex-boyfriend, actor Kim Jung Hyun, was revealed. Because of this, the public really criticized her and she had to put her acting work on hold.

After a few months, it was announced that Ye Ji would be part of a new series, it's about 'Eve'. Due to the same controversy that she went through, a large part of the public did not support this K-Drama and they were harshly criticizing the production for adding the actress to their cast. She is the leading lady of this drama.

And now, once again, Seo Ye Ji is embroiled in controversy due to a scene in 'Eve', what happened? The Korean public found this part of the K-Drama inappropriate.

Eve has a controversial scene starring Seo Ye Ji, what happened in the K-Drama?

'Eve' just premiered, this new drama starring Seo Ye Ji had its first episode on June 1st and has been causing controversy since the beginning. In this first chapter, the K-Drama shows a +19 scene starring Ye Ji, this generated criticism from the public who thought it is a very strong scene.

Seo Ye Ji had a +19 scene in Eve | Twitter: @LeandroMartyns1

There are those who believe that this scene was necessary, but most of the public was shocked and harshly criticized the program and the actress.

Eve is also criticized for the age difference of its characters

In 'Eve', Seo Ye Ji plays an approximately 28-year-old woman, while her co-star Park Byung Eun is a 41-year-old man, the 13-year age difference between the two characters also sparked controversy and criticism from the public. So 'Eve' is giving a lot to talk about.

Eve's characters generated controversy too | Twitter: @TrindadeSte

It's hardly the beginning of 'Eve' but it seems like an interesting plot by generating so much controversy, we hope that the public does not ask for its broadcast to be canceled because it could bring a great proposal to entertainment.

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