Taemin's cameo in Pachinko that no one expected Taemin's cameo in Pachinko that no one expected

SHINee's Taemin unexpected cameo in Pachinko, did you watch it?

SHINee's Taemin is an actor in Pachinko? Not exactly, but he did have a surprise appearance in this drama

SHINee fans recognize their idols everywhere and didn't miss Taemin's appearance in the new K-Drama 'Pachinko', how was his cameo?

SHINee's Taemin is an amazing artist, he has performed as a singer and dancer for this idol group since debut. His musical and stage skills are at a high level and he has become one of the most admired idols in the K-Pop industry thanks to his great singing and performing.

But not only that, Taemin has also worked as a composer, choreographer, and even an actor. That's right, Lee Taemin debuted in 2009 in the drama 'Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun' as Junsu. Although his career in acting is not very extensive, he has shown that he has good skills in front of the cameras.

There is much we can admire about Taemin and there are many reasons why he has so many fans around the world who support every project he is involved in. No matter if it's music, dance or acting, Taemin's fans will show all their love for him.

And we could just see it with a small cameo in a new drama, definitely no one expected to see Taemin, or a part of him, in the premiere of Pachinko, an Apple TV+ series starring the great actor Lee Min Ho.

Taemin appeared at the Pachinko premiere and no one expected him to come back to dramas

Only Taemin's hands appeared in the intro of the Pachinko drama, fans recognized them immediately and were surprised to see the idol on this show, truly no one expected it. It was easy for fans to watch as it was a snippet from the idol's 'Want' MV.

Taemin's cameo on Pachinko | Twitter: @dae_stars21

Fans are now hoping that the necessary permission has been requested to use that part of Taemin's MV for the Pachinko intro, but they couldn't stop getting excited about this little cameo.

 What is Taemin doing right now?

There can be no official statement from Taemin right now about his unexpected caemo, as he is currently serving his mandatory military service. His discharge date from the army is until November 27, 2022. So we may have to wait longer for a real cameo from the artist.

Taemin is in the military right now | Twitter: @onewspace

Taemin's little cameo lightened the hearts of SHINee fans who are impatiently waiting for their idol's return from the army.

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