SEVENTEEN's DK reveals his honest thoughts about 'Darl+ing' cover by IU

Did you watch the adorable interaction between SEVENTEEN and IU? DK is sharing his reaction to IU singing "Darl+ing".

SEVENTEEN comeback with "Face The Sun" is a whole success. During the first week, this awesome album sold more than 2 million copies. The promotions of "HOT" came with tons of surprises for the fanatics.

A few days the K-Pop sensation attend to the IU's show Palette to have a good time with the singer. We saw how good the chemistry between the members and IU is. In their own words, now they are close friends.

IU with SEVENTEEN / Twitter @_IUofficial

For this episode, the actress prepared a special version of SEVENTEEN's song "Darl+ing". As always, the talented lady showed a flawless vocal performance. Now DK, the main vocalist of the group has revealed his reaction to the cover. This is what he said.

SEVENTEEN's DK talks about "Darl+ing" cover by IU

On June 4th DK from SEVENTEEN was on Vlive to have dinner with CARAT. The singer was eating fried chicken and answering some fan questions. In the middle of the broadcasting, he read a comment that was preasing IU's cover of "Darl+ing". The Idol said:

Personally, I really liked it.

I thought: "I'm in heaven" that time.

This is heaven.

DK on Vlive / Twitter @Mi_Ju17

During the episode for IU's show, DK confessed that he has a big fan of the singer of "Lilac". Apparently he was very moved by her interpretation of "Darl+ing. Just check how he described the moment.

Listening to IU sunbaenim in in-ear, it feels like a cloud. Honestly, it feels like a space field with a white cloud.

DK's reaction to IU's cover / Twitter @_IUofficial

He said that even during the rehearsal he was already very thankful. His facial expression during the IU show cannot lie. He was truly enjoying the moment.

Now that IU and SEVENTEEN are close friends, the fanatics are asking for a collaboration. We would love to listen to these amazing artists singing together. Do you like the idea?

Recently SEVENTEEN's S.Coups dropped an interesting TMI about THE8. Do you want to know what he said?

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