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Red Velvet's Joy will be starring the K-Drama 'My Accidental Country Diaries'

Joy from Red Velvet is a talented actress and singer. Here's all the information about her new project, "My Accidental Country Diaries".

Joy was pretty young when she debuted as a member of the popular K-Pop group Red Velvet. Immediately, she got a lot of popularity because of her charismatic personality. A few years later she decided to look for an acting career as well.

Her first K-Drama came in 2017 with her female lead role in "The Liar and His Love". The next year she was the protagonist of the show "Tempted". We also saw her in "The One and Only". Finally, Joy is taking the protagonist role in a new drama, we are telling you everything.

Joy from Red Velvet / By @RedVelvetBoliva

Joy from Red Velvet confirms to be part of the cast of "My Accidental Country Diaries"

On May 26th (KST) Kakao Tv revealed that the lead roles for the upcoming K-Drama "My Accidental Country Diaries" has been confirmed. Red Velvet's Joy and Choo Young Woo will be the protagonist couple of the show.

Joy from Red Velvet / By @kpopers_family

The Idol will portrait the character of the precinct officer of a small village named Ahn Ja Young. Eventually, the city dweller Han Ji Yool arrive to the village Heedong ri and the love start.

Actor Choo Young Woo / By @Latam_reveluvs

According to Kakao Tv, this romance show will be released in the current year on this platform. There will be 12 episodes of 30 minutes each one.

The 22 years old actor Choo Young Woo participaded on the K-Dramas "School 2021" and "Police University". We can't wait to see how the chemistry is between these good looking actors on screen.

While we're waiting for "My Accidental Country Diaries", check K-Dramas that explain how this industry works behind the sets.

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