Take this quiz of your favorite Korean actors Take this quiz of your favorite Korean actors

Quiz: Can you recognize these Korean actors by looking at their eyes?

If you are a fan of K-Dramas then you will be able to recognize your favorite actor by seeing his look, take our quiz and find out

How many times have you seen the eyes of your favorite Korean actor? Maybe you can recognize him just by looking at him, prove it with this quick and fun quiz.

K-Dramas have given us great things, great stories, amazing characters, interesting plots, and much more that we enjoy in each of these Korean series. All of these are usually original and bring the best for the fans every time they are released.

The big stars in Korean dramas are the actors, all of them give their best in front of the cameras, embodying their characters in the best way to give a special touch to their story and they are the ones who often completely conquer the public that follow some series.

This is why Korean actors have gained a lot of fans, both in Korea and around the world thanks to the great popularization of dramas through the internet and digital platforms that have these series in their catalogues. Every actor has his fandom.

Do you have a favorite Korean actor? Then surely you can recognize him just by looking at his eyes, right? In this quiz we test your knowledge of drama actors, see if you could recognize them all.

Quiz: Can you recognize your favorite Korean actors just by looking at their eyes?

Choose the correct answer under each image and at the end you will find the answers to this quiz.






Lee Min Ho was the first one | Twitter: @KDramaStars
Hwang In Yeop | Twitter: @kdramaholicx
Song Kang | Twitter: @npomvtt
Lee Jong Suk | Twitter: @LeeJongSukWorld
Park Seo Joon | Twitter: @rachelfmarron
Park Bo Gum | Twitter: @boogumtastic

 How many Korean actors could you recognize in this quiz? Maybe you couldn't miss your favorite, right? We have more quizzes for you, this one will tell you which character from 'The Sound Of Magic' is more like you.

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