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Park Bo Gum's fans all over the world celebrate his birthday with charity donations

Park Bo Gum is turning 30 years old! His fans are celebrating the actor with the sweetest actions.

When he was a child, Park Bo Gum wanted to be a singer. Eventually, he changed his mind and put all his effort to become an actor. We are sure that he can do everything he wants, but at the moment, the world is really thankful for his acting career.

We can mention tons of projects that gave him international popularity. Everyone loves his adorable character in "Reply 1988", or what about the beautiful love story "Love in the Moonlight". He has such a good taste for choose his projects.

Actor Park Bo Gum / Twitter @bk116TNFNimEgD4

Since he is one of the most beloved Korean actors in the world, his birthday is a big reason to celebrate. Just like Park Bo Gum, his fans seem to be very considerate as well. This is what they are doing in honor of the artist.

Fans celebrate Park Bo Gum's birthday with charity donations

On June 16th Park Bo Gum turned 30 years old (according to the Korean standard). His fans took social media to celebrate the actor with special messages. Mostly, they are sharing his gratitude because his works bring happiness to many people from all nationalities. 

Park Bo Gum's fanbase's post / Twitter @bogummagicID

At the same time, various fanbases prepared some other special gifts. Indonesian fans donated money to the nonprofit organization Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia. It has the purpose to help children who battle cancer. The fanbase added:

Since he has brought so much warmth to us, we as fans would like to pay it forward to our community.

Happy Birthday, Bogummy

Bogum Magic Indonesia's post / Twitter @bogummagicID

Previously the actor has been involved in various activities to support good causes. A couple of months ago, Park Bo Gum joined some other celebrities to run a marathon that was looking to support children with disabilities.

Apparently, the fans are very sweet just like his favorite artist is. Park Bo Gum's positive influence is the best! Congratulations to the actor! By the way, Indonesian fans, you're awesome!

Here's Park Bo Gum's story of running that marathon. He is adorable!

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