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Park Bo Gum, the personal hardships behind his successful career

The actor of Reply 1988, Park Bo Gum is well known for his sweet and kind personality. Behind his shinee personality is a complicated family story.

The 28 years old actor Park Bo Gum is pretty famous because of his work in K-Dramas. He participated in shows like "Reply 1988", "Love in the moonlight" and "Record of Youth". His personal fandom has been increasing in the last few years. Everyone can fall for his lovely personality.

His successful career gave him a lot of recognition from the critics. In 2016 Gallup Korea declared him as the "Television Actor of the Year". In 2017 the magazine Forbes ranked him No.1 in the Korea Power Celebrity list.

Actor Park Bo Gum / By @Ann_ellisse0612

Because of the popularity of Reply 1988 the actor received the title "Nation's Little Brother". However the personal life of the artist hasn't been all pink. His complicated family situation is something not everybody knows. If you like Park Bo Gum as much as we do, for sure, you have to read this.

Park Bo Gum family hardships 

When Park Bo Gum was just a child his mother passed away. He was during his fourth grade at school, and even if he was sad he decided to fight for his dream of being a singer.

During a variety show he talked about it saying that he doesn't have a family photography, he just has memories of his childhood. For another interview he was asked. Are you a good son with you mother? Even if his mom is not with he anymore, the actor response was

I try to be a good son

Park Bo Gum for Star Date / By @PianaLovely

In 2008 his father took a loan of 30 million won (almost 35 000 dollars) in order to start a business. Unfortunately, he couldn't pay it back and the debt increased to almost one million dollars.

After a lawsuit Park Bo Gum offers himself to serve as a guarantor and help his dad to pay. For this reason the actor's financial situation wasn't good at the beginning of his career. There's no doubt he is a good son.

How are you feeling? We want to give him a big hug.

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